Strong abs and spine as well as good torso stabilization are essential in surfing. They maintain a proper position while paddling. They also hold your body while maneuvering your board.

In the first part of the set of 10 exercises to build the foundations of surfing fitness I showed how to work on your balance and the proper posture. In this next part I’m presenting 3 exercises that help to strengthen your core muscles. As you can see in the video, these seemingly easy to do exercises can sometimes cause some trouble.

Don’t give up if this will happen to you too. The most important thing is to focus on the quality of your movement. You can do less reps, but do them the right way. The muscles that you engage during these exercises will be strengthened over time and the whole set will be easier for you to perform. That will be the sign to change something, for example more reps in a series or bigger weights.