Nothing will replace the real waves, but it is still possible to practice some aspects of surfing away from the ocean, such as paddling. I, for example, do that on my favorite lake near Cracow. Check it out!

Although the lake is not the ocean, even in such “stable” conditions you can practice such elements of surfing training as:

  • correct paddling technique,
  • endurance and shoulders strength,
  • body positioning, balance while lying and sitting on a board,
  • the starting sequence of movements to catch a wave,
  • duck dive.

I’ve been regularly training for couple of weeks now, which results in big progress. To make the routine more challenging I use my used shortboard (Anacapa Glider designed by Al Merick with dimensions: 6.6 / 20/ 2 3/4) that I found during my last NYC trip.

Here’s my routine:

  1. A solid warm-up: few minutes of stretching, swings, pumps, onshore popups,
  2. 10 long-distance paddling sets (about 50 m in one direction for one set) with minimum pauses (10-15 seconds)
  3. 10 sets of sprints, which means the entire sequence imitating the starting lineup situation (1. sitting on a board facing the horizon, 2. 180 degree turn with the board, 3. smooth transition to lying down and engaging shoulders to paddle, 4. intensive paddling like during the take-off),
  4. repeat steps 2 and 3.

I do that at least once a week. On one of my sessions I was accompanied by my friend and brilliant photographer Kamil A. Krajewski. Here’s the photo story of that day.

Check out more of Kamil’s work 

Thanks for reading, now go surf!