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Muscles involved in surfing

Which muscles are involved in surfing? Here is a visual guide showing the most important muscles used to catch waves.

(Inland) surfing workout: lake paddling

Nothing will replace the real waves, but it is still possible to practice some aspects of surfing away from the ocean, such as paddling. I, for example, do that on my favorite lake near Cracow. Check it out!

5 rules of a perfect surfing lesson

Since my first surf trip in 2015 I’ve had a bunch of surfing lessons. Based on that I prepared a list of 5 rules that in my opinion make up a perfect surfing lesson.

How to progress after a longer break

Here are 4 exercises that will increase your confidence and control in the water after a break, coming to you straight from Sagres – Portugal’s best surfing spot (at least according to locals).

Autumn surfing in Europe

When the North Atlantic generates first autumn storms its European coast becomes a promise land for surfers. Locals celebrate. Land locked surfers starts to pack and hit West, toward the ocean.

Surfing workout: better paddling & more waves

Here’s the last part of the workout plan that will help you prepare your body for surfing. This time the emphasis is on the muscles that help paddle longer and catch more waves.

Summer surfing in Europe

In the search for waves in Europe during summer I choose non-obvious therefore interesting directions. I’m skipping France, Spain and Portugal (best for beginners and intermediate surfers at this time of year according to some rankings) in favour of Great Britain and… Poland.

Beach boy commuting

How to give your office “uniform” a more beach-like touch while maintaining elegance? My answer is: a good mix of old proven marine style classics.