I wouldn’t be myself if I had focused only on the functional properties when choosing the perfect suit. Of course, of course they are crucial for the performance. But maybe, maybe… the style and design factor is important too? Of course it is! Having this in mind I prepared my list of the most stylish wetsuits, which I’m planning to take a closer look on.

It’s all because I’m buying a wetsuit this season. Taking into consideration my surf trips plans (souther France, Spain and eastern US) I’ve decided to buy a 3/2 mm fullsuit. This thickness is the best choice for water temperature around 20 degrees Celsius. I’m gonna go with the chest zip model. This solution gives more flexibility, the paddle is less tiring and less water flushes as there are less gaps in the suit. Buying that kind of wetsuit will also enable me to use it for water sports different than surfing. For example, wakeboarding at a lake nearby.

#1 Rip Curl Flash Bomb

Rip Culr advertises this suit with a claim „the world’s fastest drying wetsuit”.I found couple of reviews which confirm that. It is surely a seriuos reason in favour of this suit. My surf trips are short and intensive. I surf two times a day, so fast drying wetsuit is a great solution.

Flash Bomb comes in various color options. My favourite is this black/grey/yellow one.


fot. surfinglife.com.au

I really like this yellow sleeve. It doesn’t dominate but gives this suit a nice color break.

My only two complaints in relation to this Rip Curl wetsuit are: the price ($ 420 on the official Rip Curl website) and the logo. It reminds me of the simple aesthetics of graffiti from the 1990′s. I wonder why they don’t use the mother brand logo, which is very well designed and timeless. It was probably a marketing decision giving the wetsuits a sub-brand status.

I also noticed that Gabriel Medina used it during 2015 Pro Portugal contest.


fot. worldsurfleague.com

#2 O’Neill Psycho 3 TB2 Fuze

This wetsuit is somewhat similar to Rip Curl’s Flashbomb. But only in terms of design. On the price level they are completely different. Psycho 3 costs around $ 230.

The color distinction goes diagonally – from left shoulder to right calf. Bright elements connect to the dark in a well-thought-out way. O’Neill designers chose more subdued colors for the suit. Thanks to that it seems like a more consistent product. I would say that this design is calm.


fot. surfinglife.com.au

#3 Hurley Fusion 302

Definitely this is one of the most original and colorful wetsuits on the market. The design is bold and the spectrum of color is wide. Fusion goes with a classic black model, which you can „break” using white or orange elements. The other color variations include red/light grey, blue or even camo.

On the pros side is also its price – $ 280 on the official Hurley website.


fot. hurley.com

Cons of The Fusion 302 include big branding. Logos and a brand name are big and almost everywhere. I prefer a minimalist approach, so the black suit with orange stripes is my favourite one.

Unfortunately, the latest collection doesn’t include white suit, which I think is the most original and sophisticated. Kolohe Andino used it often in 2015.kohloe_andino_white_wetsuit_collage

fot. worldsurfleague.com, instagram.com/koloheandino22/

#4 Billabong Xero Furnance 302

I like this dominant navy color of the body and subtle, red stitching. The details are curiously positioned (logo and the model name on the back). I take it into consideration because it was a fairly high score in a functionality test, which you can read here. This is the second (after the Rip Curl Flash Bomb) most expensive wetsuit in this juxtaposition. Xero Furnance costs around $ 400.


fot. surfinglife.com.au

#5 Quiksilver Syncro GBS 

This model immediately grabbed my attention with its original, distinctive combination of colors. Navy blue and orange is usually a successful combination. Fun, I would say. The big plus of this model, especially for beginners, is its price. You can buy it for less than $180 on the official Quiksilver website.


fot. quiksilver.com

I can’t wait to have my own wetsuit! For me, putting it on is a part of a ritual. A ritual which foreshadows great time, adventure and adrenaline rush. I think it is important to treat a wetsuit as any other piece of clothing, which you decide to buy. It needs to reflect your personality and gives you this unique feeling of being in your own skin.