First time Rockaway

November 14th, 2016|

First time ever surfing on the East Coast. First all alone session. First time completely cold feet. Rockaway beach – still stoked when I think about that day.

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How to quickly and compactly pack on a surf trip

March 22nd, 2017|

As someone who needs to travel to surf I have developed 5 rules of packing. Thanks to them I always take exactly what I need. I travel with a cabin bag only and I don’t wait long to check in at the airport. I can move around between selected surf spots easily. I’ve put those rules in a short video. Check it out!

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Practical guide of how to buy a wetsuit online

The best way to buy a wetsuit is to go to a surf shop. But what if your nearest surf shop is about thousand miles away? You can wait to your next surf trip or you can take the risk and buy your piece of rubber online. How to do it successfully? Here are my tips.